The objective of Decode is to decipher the prevailing trends and requirements in enhancing the skills and retraining of cultural tourism operators, professionals, and volunteers situated in rural and/or economically disadvantaged areas in Europe.

Cultural tourism is experiencing growth within the EU, with 4 out of 10 European tourists selecting destinations based on their cultural offerings. Nevertheless, in rural areas, small businesses within the tourism sector face challenges related to a lack of collaboration and deficiencies in workforce skills and qualifications.

The initiative is crafted to cater to the requirements of local communities and tourism professionals situated in rural and/or economically deprived areas. This is achieved through the provision of essential skills and competencies, enabling them to effectively promote their local regions within the realm of cultural tourism. The approach involves a comprehensive training course and the integration of digital technology. Additionally, the project encompasses the development of an online resource platform and an open badges accreditation system to validate the acquired knowledge of the participants.

Anticipated Outcomes

The Decode project seeks to advance pathways for enhancing the skills of cultural tourism operators in rural and/or economically deprived areas, presenting them with an inventive and engaging training program. The projected outcomes of the initiative comprise:

Facilitation of pathways for skill enhancement among cultural tourism operators in rural and/or deprived areas.

Development of an inventive and interactive training program tailored for cultural tourism operators in rural and/or deprived areas.

Conducting a learning, teaching, and training activity for a minimum of 12 adult educators specializing in cultural tourism.

Compilation of 6 national reports assessing the training program's outcomes for enhancement purposes.

Training of a minimum of 60 local operators in the field of tourism situated in rural and/or deprived areas.

Establishment of an online resource platform featuring interactive materials and an open badge accreditation system for validating acquired skills.

Organization of three face-to-face transnational meetings and one online meeting.

Execution of six multiplier events (comprising five national events and one transnational event).

Formulation of a comprehensive sharing and promotional plan and strategy.

Provision of networking opportunities for project partners.

The Decode project holds significant importance as it endeavors to bridge the skills and competencies gap within the cultural tourism industry in rural and/or deprived areas. The consortium partners contribute a diverse array of skills and expertise to effectively implement and ensure the success of this initiative.