Networking and support

NETWORKING , SUPPORT and Communication Skills  Networking and support, and their impact on cultural tourism. Learning assessment: MCQs- 10-14 questions  Practical Tasks applicable to the business:  Set up email address and automatic signature Set up Linked-in profile Join local online group/forum  Research and make a list of local and national organizations that provide educational and/ […]

Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Development of cultural tourism product and services in the rural and/or deprived areas. Learning assessment Identify and list local cultural assets in your area. Develop three cultural tourism concepts using the identified assets. Create a digital dissemination plan for promoting local culture, nature, and experiences. Develop a QR code that links to information […]


BRANDING Categorization of the destination and branding plan for promotion of cultural tourism in the digital era. Learning assessment What is a brand? And why should you focus on building a brand. Basic steps in building your brand. Logo Typography Color Style Use of images and illustrations Be your brand – how to be a […]

Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA Utilizing social media and networks for communication strategies in rural and/or deprived areas. Learning assessment – Create a Social Media account from scratch – Create a post on Facebook – Instagram which are more popular among tourism enterprises – Take a photograph and upload it to social media platforms – Develop some basic […]