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NETWORKING , SUPPORT and Communication Skills 

Networking and support, and their impact on cultural tourism.

Learning assessment:

  1. MCQs- 10-14 questions 
  2. Practical Tasks applicable to the business: 
  • Set up email address and automatic signature
  • Set up Linked-in profile
  • Join local online group/forum 
  • Research and make a list of local and national organizations that provide educational and/ or financial support to RCT operators. Could you apply for any of the schemes/ courses they provide?
  • What local issues could be addressed in order to make cultural rural tourism in your area more attractive and accessible? Make a list of business needs that could be addressed by the local municipality/ national bodies or collectively (for example: better public transport, new café, better opening hours of local attractions, a nicer website of the village/ town, guided tours around the region, local events and festivals etc.) Identify one of those issues that you are most passionate about and find a group you can discuss this issue with.