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Development of cultural tourism product and services in the rural and/or deprived areas.

Learning assessment

  • Identify and list local cultural assets in your area.
  • Develop three cultural tourism concepts using the identified assets.
  • Create a digital dissemination plan for promoting local culture, nature, and experiences.
  • Develop a QR code that links to information about a local cultural attraction.
  • Define key terms in tourism using a glossary.
  • Conduct a market analysis for a specific tourism destination.
  • Use market analysis tools to evaluate the potential of a tourism destination.
  • Develop a tourism destination that is economically viable and competitive.
  • Develop stakeholder engagement strategies for a tourism project.
  • Conduct a guest satisfaction survey for a tourism business.
  • Develop a SWOT analysis for a tourism business.
  • Create a plan for communicating bookings, itineraries, and packaging digitally.
  • Identify and implement sustainable tourism practices for a tourism business.
  • Develop safety protocols to ensure quality tourism experiences.